Trapping, then breeding Rabbits

von jensenbreck » 28. Nov 2017 08:45

Trapping, then breeding Rabbits


I had a "wild" idea. I want to start raising rabbits eventually. My thoughts were doing a rabbit tractor (or rabbit tractors,) allowing them to graze on grass in the fields.
After listening to some stories about it taking some a few generations to get their rabbits back onto eating grass, assimilated to my ecology, and weaned off of unnatural inputs, I was thinking that it I would really have to do some research into the breeds and history of the rabbits I acquire. Then it occurred to me.

Why don't I just trap some local rabbits that have been eating wild/grass, are already assimilated to my ecology, and have survived without any unnatural inputs? Trap a few bucks and does, and start domesticating them? They should be very resilient to disease and the elements and fairly healthy right? It kind of seems like it would be the permaculture way? Also, down the line, I could introduce new genetics to the line by trapping a few more doe's.

Sure, they might not be as big as the common meat rabbit species, but I think they would be healthier. I think I heard Joel Salatin say that is the only trait to look for when selecting genetics. Not meat, not coat, but health. Eventually I could start selecting some of the larger bucks and does for selective breeding.
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Re: Trapping, then breeding Rabbits

i would search for domesticated rabbits from extensive keeping (or how thats named in english - fed with mainly green and kept outside).
Beside from maybe legal issues you dont have to worry about wild behavior. I have not looked up numbers, but a fairly high amount of wild rabbit offspring is dying. So far about health.
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